The Evolution of Vaping Cannabis

vaping cannabis

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The Evolution of Vaping Cannabis

How Cannabis Vaping Methods Have Expanded Throughout Time

Vaping cannabis may seem like a newer trend, but the truth is, this process has been around for ages. The history of vaping cannabis dates back all the way to ancient times and has been evolving ever since. Today, we have more vaping methods than we know what to do with. From THC carts, live resin carts, and other vaping accessories – there is an option for everyone. This blog will take you on a journey through the evolution of vaping cannabis and specifically highlight one of the most innovative methods of vaping yet; live resin carts.

Cannabis Vaping in Ancient Times

The very first documentation of cannabis vaping occurred in 430 BC, and was noted by a Greek writer named Herodotus. A group of ancient nomadic people called the Scythians, would place hemp seed on red-hot coals until they become vaporized, at which point they would inhale the vapors. The actual effects of this process is unknown, however, the Scythians would “jump for joy” after vaporizing these hemp seeds, only assuming they gained some positive, uplifting effects.

Vaping in the 20th and 21st Century

vaping cannabis

The first patented vaporizing device was created in 1927 by Joseph Robinson. This device was the first true form of a vaporizing device, but it wasn’t until 1960, when the vaporizer that we know today was created. Herbert Gilbert created a device that contained a liquid that was vaporized by the battery-operated system and inhaled by the user. In the cannabis community, the first thoughts of vaporizing cannabis came from an anonymous article called “Dr. Lunglife”, that appeared in a 1989 issue of High Times. This article provided detailed instructions as to how to build a vaporizer with affordable, easy to find parts. The article also contained a guide on how to make your own cannabis concentrate to smoke with your vaporizer.

In 1993, a medicine man named Eagle Bill created something called the Shake & Vape. The apparatus consists of a single glass tube. The user would place the herb in one end of the tube, and heat it up until vapor forms, inhaling through the tube. The Shake & Vape gained worldwide popularity when it was presented at the 7th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.

In the 21st century, vaporizing technology is really advancing. Cannabis enthusiasts developed the distillate cartridges we all know and love today. In 2003, a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik, created a device that became known as the first modern vaporizer pen. The apparatus is simple, containing only a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge containing your distillate or cannabis oil. In 2007, the first vaporizer pen hit the US market and instantly gained popularity.

Live Rosin: The Best of the Best

As the evolution of cannabis oils and distillate has expanded, we now have the opportunity to use and offer live rosin cartridges. Live rosin is made by pressing frozen buds with an industrial press. Freezing the cannabis preserves more of the plant’s natural compounds, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a more clean, potent, and flavorful product. Live rosin can be dabbed or conveniently smoked out of a vaporizer pen.

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Since the dawn of time, the act of vaporizing has been a common act among individuals. From ancient times, to fast advances into the 21st century, vaporizing continues to grow in popularity. Distillate and live rosin cartridges have been a common favorite among consumers. At Cannamax, we are proud to partner with many trusted brands to provide you with a large menu with a variety of products. We offer quality live rosin cartridges from our friends at Delta 8, Growing Balance, and Pamolabs.

Stop in today to learn more about vaporizing and live rosin. We are always eager to see new faces!