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Maximum quality locally grown craft cannabis in every product.

A Locally Owned Marijuana Dispensary

CANNAMAX sources 100% of our craft cannabis flower in Maine. With the help of our expert cultivators, we only utilize organic and sustainable growing techniques to bring out the best qualities of the plant.

Our aim is to provide high-grade medical cannabis products at competitive prices. We also focus on bringing out the most beneficial qualities of each strain that we grow. We constantly work to increase our knowledge of new cultivation techniques and innovations, and we work with our customers to ensure this knowledge finds its way into higher quality flower.

Setting an example by abiding by the rules and regulations, as well as being 100% compliant, CANNAMAX will continue to create a standard for service excellence in Augusta, Maine. Our goal is to continue raising the bar by providing top-quality products while also supporting our beautiful community that we call home.

Mission Statement

As cultivators and purveyors of premium, locally grown craft cannabis, our mission is to ensure that every product we offer will always satisfy our customers.

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