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Refined Cannabis Alternatives: Hash Style

Traditional European Hand-Rolled  & Dry-Sift Hash

The History of Hashish

For years prior to the 20th century, it is said that Hash (or hashish) was imported from Middle Eastern cultures by European doctors for the purpose of conducting research on the medical benefits.

This introduction of potent, refined cannabis into the medical field led to the development of a number of additional options for cannabis extraction and consumption. In fact, prior to the US cannabis prohibition in the early 20th century, Hashish products made up a healthy chunk of Western pharmaceutical products.

The Cannabis Comeback: Hash Edition

The wave of cannabis emerged back into the states in the late 1960’s, strongly dominated by enthusiasm for Hashish. At this time, the strains and options for Hashish being imported into the states by countries such as Nepal and Morocco were brick-like, solid, hard-pressed hash made with extreme heat and pressure.

Later in the 1980’s, a machine called the master sifter was introduced to western cannabis culture. This machine uses motion to separate the trichromes from the cannabis flower–making the process of creating Hashish simple for personal use.

What is Hashish?

In short terms, Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis. In a bit more detailed terms, the cannabinoids are separated from the plant material using a dry-sift method. Those cannabinoids are then pressed into Hash, generally hardened forms for ease of transportation.

What makes dry-sift Hash so unique, and the reason we decide to offer it here at Cannamax, is that it differs from other BHO and solvent-based options because we don’t use any harsh chemicals in our production methods. Our process is based on an entirely mechanical extraction, utilizing a process of different temperatures to separate the cannabinoids from the flower.

How is Hash Consumed?

There are several ways to indulge in the smooth experience of Hashish. Most traditionally, it is consumed orally through food or infused into a beverage. Hash is also commonly smoked, both on its own and as a complement to regular flower or concentrate. There are also options for dabbing certain styles of Hashish, which is melting the substance onto a hot surface where it is vaporized into smoke.

So, How Do You Get Started Indulging in Hashish?

When first learning how to use hash, consult with your budtender at Cannamax about the baking, smoking, or dabbing equipment you have at home to see what products are right for you. You can stop in or give us a call! We are happy to provide consultation on the most effective method for your needs.

If you are interested in smoking or dabbing your Hash, you will want to invest in a smoking device: options include a pipe, a dab rig, a bong, or you could even roll your Hash into a joint or blunt mixed with flower. For a nice treat, smokers will often use moisture to help Hash stick to the outside of their blunt wrap or joint paper for additional potency and flavor.

We always like to let our consumers know that Hash effects are much stronger than cannabis flower. The potency of a solid Hash oil can range from as low as 40%THC to as great as 80% THC depending on a number of factors, such as the starting material and cleanliness of the extraction method.

Our Hashish Guarantee

With our method at Cannamax, you can always depend on clean, quality, potent Hash products. We specialize in thoroughly researched, European charred-style, hand-rolled Hash, dry-sifted through the traditional, time-proven technique. It is our passion to bring the cannabis community the products of the ages, with Hash being one of the most ancient and unique!