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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Set it & Forget it!

What makes autoflowering seeds so convenient? Well, the name speaks for itself: these seed strains have an automatic flowering process–and we carry a limited supply of them at Cannamax!

Why Use Autoflowering Strains?

When it comes to typical cannabis seed strains, there are two phases of the growing cycle, vegetative and flowering. These seeds require a physical shift in the light cycle to trigger the flowering process, requiring extra time and effort from the grower to ensure proper lighting during the crucial photoperiod. Autoflower seed strains cut out the need for the manual shift in lighting as they naturally flower after a certain amount of time has passed. You can truly have a ‘set it and forget it’ mindset with these seeds as long as they are in an ideal growing environment.

Convenient Compact Cannabis

On average, autoflowering seed strains reach anywhere from sixty to one-hundred centimeters in height. The discreet size of these plants make for a smaller and more manageable growing operation. As we all know, time is money–so ensuring manageable cultivation of your crops is essential to keeping supply up with demand.

The Benefit of Speed

The speed of autoflowering seed strains is also a great appeal to growers who need to support faster turnover for commercial harvests. With near instant results, you can grow under pressure and churn perpetual and consistent indoor harvests. Most autoflower plants will progress from seed to sow in anywhere from seven to ten weeks.

Save on Nutrient Cost

The small stature and increased growth speed of autoflower strains make for plants that thrive in soil that is less-nutritious as compared to the type of nutrient-rich soil that photoperiod plants require. With their hardy nature, autoflower plants simply don’t have the nutrient hunger that is common for most cannabis plant styles.

Extreme Resiliency

Autoflower seed strains are really great for beginning growers who are still learning the ropes of cannabis cultivation along with big-time industrial growers. Autoflowering seeds are known for their strong genetics. What makes these plants extremely beneficial is that these species are actually preventative of insect or mold infestations.

Easy Lighting Demands

The simple lighting requirements for autoflower strains are extremely convenient in that they provide an acceptable amount of light to your plants, while also conserving on your energy costs. Where these strains do not have a need to change the lighting set up in order to trigger flowering, the consistency of your grow remains simple and flexible.

Eliminate Light Pollution

Looking for a more laid-back grow option? Autoflower the strain for you. Light pollution becomes a non-issue when you switch from photoperiod growing to autoflower strains. A faded grow tent is all it takes for light to seep through and impact your grow operation negatively with photoperiod growing. Remove that stress with the ease of autoflower.

To Wrap It Up

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A quick summary of the very noteworthy characteristics of autoflowering strains:

  • Automatic flowering after two to four weeks
  • Always feminized – no stressing about male plants!
  • Small, condensed, stealthy plant size
  • Plant to harvest in 10 weeks on average
  • Hardy, resilient plants make for low maintenance
  • The speedy process makes it easy to harvest several crops per season!

Current autoflower strains regularly surpass feminized photoperiod strains in yield, aroma, and even general potency. Autoflower strains have the capability to meet the needs of all cannabis users. Recreational users will find value in the rich THC strains, and the intense CBD strains allow for holistic users to get the full benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.