Consuming Cannabis Concentrates 

consuming cannabis concentrates

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Consuming Concentrates  

Best Way to Smoke Dabs  

Cannabis Concentrates, which range from wax and shatter to rosin and live resin, is one of the cannabis market’s fastest expanding areas. However, the unusual terminology and variety of specified equipment might make it difficult for newcomers to know where to begin.

Then, if you want to learn everything there is to know about consuming concentrates, you definitely have landed on the correct spot.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates  

Also known as Dabs, these come in various shapes and sizes. There are times when they’re out in the open, like cannabis oil in vape cartridges, and in other instances, they’re hidden in medicinal balms and foods. In fact, there are four main types of concentrates: Shatter, Crimble, Wax, and Oil.

How to Smoke Dabs  

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These may be consumed in a variety of ways. Budder, shatter, and wax. They are a lot of fun to experience. However, to fully enjoy these incredibly strong, concentrated extracts, you must first learn to smoke a dab.

Basically, smoking a dab entails heating the concentrate towards its vapor threshold and inhaling the vapors to absorb the cannabinoids and terpenes therein. So, as long as you pursue a few easy guidelines, you may smoke a dab in a variety of ways.

Smoking Dabs with a Dab Rig  

Out of all the options, dab rigs are the favored technique of smoking dabs. You may choose between an e-nail (electric nail) and a regular setup.

Using an Electric Dab Rig  

With this method, take note that this functions similarly to a regular dab rig. One important difference is that the gadget utilizes electric heating to the metal nail, eliminating the need to warm it manually. Another one of the advantages of using an e-nail is that you have more control over the temperature.

In consuming some concentrates, like THC oils, you want to maintain the temperature more consistently to preserve the terpenes in the concentrate and prevent unwanted tastes. However, the precision temperature control of e-rigs makes them ideal for concentrates such as live resin or terp sauce.

Smoking with a Regular Dab Rig  

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Perhaps the most common method of smoking dabs is using a conventional dab setup. There are a variety of elaborate configurations available. Still, they always have the basic parts: a reservoir for water, a mouthpiece for inhaling, a dome to encapsulate heat and fumes, and a nail to warm the dab.

Using a dab rig, remove the dome, heat the nail, return the dome, dab the nail with a dabber or dab tool, and inhale. Most folks will place a carb cover over the dome to further limit the heat and flow of vapors.

Smoking Concentrates Without a Dab Rig  

Suppose you don’t have a dab rig by any chance, there’s no need to worry. In fact, there are various ways to consume concentrates that are proven effective.

Hot-Knife Method   

If you don’t have anything else, the hot-knife approach is the most basic and straightforward way to enjoy a dab. You just heat a metal butter knife on the stove or with a torch lighter, dab it on the hot surface, and inhale the fumes through a straw. This approach generates a lot of mess and is unsafe since you must be cautious not to burn your hands, but it may be useful in a pinch.

Rolling Cannabis Concentrate in a Joint (T-Wax)  

T-waxing is reasonably common, although a little messy, smoking dabs. If you have a decent bud and a good concentration, you’ll just mix a little of your concentrate in with your cannabis when rolling a joint. This works well with heavier concentrates like budder or sugar wax. Thinner concentrations, such as RSO oils, might make obtaining a nice burn once lit difficult.

Consume Concentrates the Right Way!  

If you think you’re prepared to start dabbing, Cannamax has you equipped with a large selection of concentrates and dabbing equipment. If you’re a seasoned dabber, you’ll be relieved to hear that we maintain a large selection of concentrates on hand. Visit our site and know more about cannabis or CBD!